Monday, December 5, 2016


First of all, I am not sure if I have ever written on the blog about how much I love my sister-in-law Courtney. I say it all the time and I mean it. She is the best thing to ever happen to Tyler and she is a pretty dang good thing to happen to all of us. She is an amazing, talented person with a very wise outlook on life. Plus she is fun. She is extremely easy to talk to and so very easy to love. And I love her, because I am no fool, I know a good thing when I see one.

Also, obviously I am crazy about Porter. He has brought so much stinking joy to our lives that I can't imagine a world without him. Basically the whole Evans package is pretty great. We were so excited when we heard the news that we were going to get one more Evans kiddo to love. And that beautiful fussy bundle of joy arrived on Thursday November 3rd. She came seriously fast and perfect.

I went in to the hospital the next day to take what I promised to be "a few" pictures, and I kind of ended up taking a great many more than a few. But these guys were being so cute, and she was so cute so I couldn't help myself. Porter was making me laugh by saying "No baby! No baby! NO BABY!" every single time we tried to get him close to his new sister. As of this post he still hasn't really come around. Tyler looked pretty freaked out, but he smiled for me anyway. Courtney looked great because she was feeling 100% better than from when she had Porter. Baby girl was given the name Charlotte Rose after being alive for two days. Although just yesterday we were joking that her name might not stay Charlotte so we will see. One thing I know for sure is that she is an Evans which means she will always be my baby niece.

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