Friday, December 16, 2016


I've never kept it a secret that we are High School Musical fans. The fact that I still like the songs and am not sick of them after all these years just shows how much we love the movies. Or maybe it is that Zac Efron magic? Who knows?

So when Shari told me that they were going to be performing High School Musical at THE East High, I knew we had to go. Even though we had just seen the play days earlier at Hale Center Theatre. The play itself was kind of terrible, they gave it a good effort, but it was almost laughable how bad it was at parts. My favorites being that the same kid kept losing his basketball in "Get Your Head in the Game," and when the kid playing Troy sang so loud and off key I thought he was doing it as a joke, but um, he wasn't.

Overall the highlight of the night was walking around the school and taking pictures like we were the stars, because, let's be honest...we could have been. If only they had given us a chance...

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