Thursday, April 20, 2017


The week before we left for China happened to be Stella's spring break. It pretty much made Stella have to follow me around on all of my many errands before we left. I felt kind of bad, even though I enjoyed having a little side kick. It was a focus of mine to try and do a few fun things that week so Stella could have a little fun. One of the things that we did was go to Jungle Jims with the boys on Tuesday March 28th. It was $2 Tuesday, and it was crazy busy. I really didn't think that part through. Also, I guess Porter hates rides, so there was that. He would happily get on all of them, but once they started, he was usually saying he hated the ride, and he was asking politely to get off. Finn however, had the time of his life. Overall, it was pretty fun, and barely cost a thing so I was happy. I got to snuggle Lottie Lu the whole time and give her loves.

After enjoying the chaos that was Jungle Jim's Stella and I went out to lunch with Finn and Ashley to The Pancake House. They were leaving for Florida the next day so it was great to see them before they left and then we left for China.

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