Wednesday, April 19, 2017


It wasn't that far into the school year that it was time for the school play auditions. This year they were going to be performing The Seussical. Stella of course auditioned and was cast as a Who. The practices were early mornings and every single one of them was brutal. Especially during the dark, cold winter months. On the first few mornings when Stella didn't want to get up I would ask her if she didn't want to do the play and every morning she would say: "No, I love doing the play." And she did. She loved rehearsals and she loved being a part of the play.

Being on the Arts Committee this year meant that I was a little bit involved with the play. I knew more of what was going on, and I certainly was impressed with the amount of work and time that goes into pulling something like this off. It is really amazing.

There was a dress rehearsal one morning before the actual performances and I came and snapped some pictures.

I also came to the performance that was for the other students, so I could take some pictures of all of those kiddos participating. The director of the play really likes to get all of the students in school involved by having them make the props and also learn a dance to do during the show.

My mom and dad came to the show on Thursday. Brent came too, and was really obsessed with filming Stella while she was on stage.

There was a matinee on Friday and Christy, Cali, and Em came to that show. I was there too because I was in charge of the pizza party for the cast so that they could have food in between their performances.

Pretty soon it was the final show! I think it took me seeing the play that many times to finally figure out what was going on. I also had to ask Stella a lot of questions and even google the plot. I don't much care for the silliness of Dr. Seuss so even when I was trying to understand what was happening I was confused. But by the last show I think I had the basic story down. The last show was the best to watch of Stella too, because she finally seemed more comfortable on stage and gave one heck of a performance.  

I was so proud of Stella for all of her hard work, and for being so dedicated to being in the school play. I hope it is a great memory for her of her elementary school days. The dates of the play performances were March 2nd and 3rd.

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