Sunday, April 23, 2017


I can't even tell you how excited I was the winter day I discovered that Lagoon had finally posted their schedule for 2017. I knew then that opening day was going to be Saturday, March 25th, and that if we weren't in China we were going to be there. The weather that week had been absolutely gorgeous and then the day of our planned Lagoon fun it was cold and very wet. As we drove to the park I kept thinking one thing over and over: we are nuts!

But I could not contain my grin as we walked into the mostly empty park. I was so excited to be back, like SO excited. It was a ghost town with practically no one there. We walked onto all the rides. Unfortunately when we would sit down on those rides our bums would be instantly soaked. It was so cold and even though we were having the best time we only lasted so long and had to call it a day after about two hours. Still, we got more done in those two hours than we ever could have done on a busy day. Overall, it was a totally good time.

The next weekend on April 1st the weather was insanely perfect. Stella and I had a mother daughter trip to Lagoon. It was kind of our last special adventure before we left for China the next day. I know Stella had fun with me, but I could tell she missed having a friend to ride some of the rides with. It was fun because we ran into my old friend Bliss and got to hang out with her and visit for a bit. Stella couldn't believe we were meeting the famous Bliss that was known for taking off the light bulbs on the huge Ferris wheel at Lagoon. We popped into the Lagoon store and found Stella an adorable Lagoon sweatshirt before we left. After our fun at the park we had a late lunch at Iggy's. It was a great way to spend our last day in Utah before heading to China. It gave us a little break from thinking about the crazy adventure we were about to have.

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