Sunday, October 4, 2009


Over the course of my sale shopping sprees, I somehow managed to buy two Pottery Barn dresses for Stella that were made from the same material. It seemed like a great idea to put the cousins in the different but matching dresses, and attempt another Ava and Stella photo shoot.

Since our last shoot was such a disaster, we really wanted to keep it low-key and mostly let the girls have fun. We decided to head to Wheeler Farm last night since it is so close, and the weather looked too sketchy to go too far away from home. Overall, the girls had a tremendous time. They sat pretty well in their matching baby antique chairs, and they loved running around the farm. Their favorite part was the little yellow playhouse. They would take turns walking to the back of the house and then to the front porch and saying "Hi." They did this over and over again, and they LOVED it. In fact, the only time that they were bad was when we would take them to a new location. They never wanted to stop playing. It was very cute.

After we felt we had taken enough pictures, we left the girls in their strollers and looked at all of the animals. A few animals were not in cages and Ava was NOT okay with this, while Stella very much enjoyed the close encounters. This surprised us since Ava is the one that generally has a no fear approach to life. Both girls were making all of the animal sounds. The goats said "BAA," and then the girls would mimic the sounds. It was very cute. It ended up being a lovely little evening for all four participants. We had only minor tantrums, just a few scrapes, all of our shoes came back looking unharmed, and we even have some cute pictures to show for it.

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