Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Well, it's that time again--temperatures are taking a sudden dip and that white stuff is back on the ground. As a one year old, I love being outside, enjoying the elements. But how do I cope when the wind blows freezing air into my face? It is all about the layers, ladies.

Layering is a great way to deal with the cool temperatures outside, and then you can take off your jacket and sweater in the warm house. (This is especially great during naps.) The best way to accomplish a clean layered look is to pick one bold piece and then go neutral with your other items. You don't want to look like your dad dressed you!

Another wardrobe bonus for winter is that if your mom shops like mine, you finally get to start wearing the jackets and sweaters that your mom bought on sale last season. It is pretty exciting to see these purchases again since I can't even remember things that happened last night, let alone LAST SEASON! My mom never pays full price for anything, and that just means more clothes for me to put together the perfect layering look. She told me the total cost of the outfit I am wearing now (minus the shoes) was only about $15!

As you learn to master the skill of layering, I promise that you will find yourself feeling warmer, looking more adorable, and getting tons of compliments from strangers. It might add a few more minutes to your morning routine, but it is worth it. Go out and layer it up, and continue enjoying the outdoors in style!


angelicindy said...

ha ha ha! They're like a magazine shoot! How did you get her or know that she would do those poses?!

PS Thanks for the tips, Stella!

Brandy said...

Oh she's just darling! How come Mason didn't 'frolic' like that for us?? :)

Kristen said...

That last one could and should be on a GAP add. $15 (?!) you're pulling my foot. Stella you have one smart, shopping savy momma.