Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Yesterday I took Stella to the park WITHOUT my camera. I thought I would just enjoy Stella and have fun playing with her. But that doesn't mean that I didn't see opportunities for pictures everywhere my adorable daughter stepped. Today we had a play date with Crystal and Livi. I thought about taking the girls to feed the ducks at Sugarhouse Park, and this time, I didn't leave my camera at home.

So we arrived at the poop-infested pond and I took some bread and showed Stella how to throw it to the ducks. Instead, she took the piece of bread and then ate it herself. Which is funny since she normally isn't all that interested in just plain bread at home. Every time I would hand her a piece for the ducks, she would just open her mouth. I guess she didn't see the point in wasting perfectly good bread on these silly birds.

Then the FUNNIEST thing happened! Stella was walking around, eating her whole piece of bread. There was a goose that apparently thought Stella was a worthy opponent, and started eyeing that piece of bread. He got closer and closer and then SNAP, he lunged for the bread and got a bite. I sort of feel like a bad mom for taking a picture of this instead of trying to save my daughter. But I was actually too far away to do much (these pics are totally cropped), and it was so hilarious, I would be almost crazy NOT to take a picture of it. I don't even think Stella saw it coming. After that, she was totally freaked out and we had to move on to the playground.

Side note: On Monday, Stella started saying "bye bye" and waving. She did it as I was leaving her with my mom to go to work. "Bye bye, Mama" sounds SO CUTE! Now she does it all the time even when she is just walking to the other side of the room. We are finally starting to speak the same language. Here she is saying it to Crystal when she was going to her car.

I love these pictures from the playground. They turned out so colorful. Stella LOVED going down the slide with Mommy.

All of the pictures with me in them were taken by Crystal, who has a great photo eye. Thanks Crystal for taking these priceless pictures of me and Stella! I love them!


Christy said...

Crystal does have a great photo eye! All your park pictures turned out WAY better than any I've taken of the kids at the park.
That story about the duck is HILARIOUS!! I'm glad you got the shot. :)

John and Valerie said...

You and stella are so cute!!! I love those pictures!!

angelicindy said...

yes, thanks crystal! we hardly ever get really good pictures of Michelle and Stella together! looks like you had a ball :)

About Us said...

You funny girl! Geese and ducks are MEAN! I would have been running and chasing them away. But, it is a great shot. You and Stella are very photogenic.