Saturday, January 16, 2010


So my dear friend Bree has written a book, and I have been to a couple of The Dark Divine events and taken pictures. Each time I have not taken Stella, but I thought it would be a fun idea to take her to a signing and have her get her own copy signed by the author.

And it was first. Ashley and I took the girls to lunch, and then headed over to Barnes and Noble. Both Stella and Ava were in love with their own copies of the book. This was fine until I got the feeling that Stella was going to accidentally rip it. So I had to take it away which was the beginning of a mini meltdown until I gave her another book. I thought that the crisis was averted and so we went to hear Bree speak. I got one picture taken and BAM, off went Stella with her stroller. Ashley and I decided to leave the store and then when I wouldn't let Stella drive her stroller she threw an absolutely HUGE tantrum. My main objective was to get her away from the reading, but the crying just got louder. So I thought if I just let her walk on her own she would stop, but NO, she ran away from me in total tantrum mode and I had to chase her down WITH the stroller AND my camera AND the diaper bag AND our coats. Once I grabbed her and drug her through the store, I had to wait in line to buy the book since Bree had already signed the copy for us. Did Stella stop screaming in line? Of course not. It was humiliating at the time, but I am already laughing as I write down what a wicked child Stella was being. It really is so unlike her and I certainly was not prepared to handle the scene we created.

So, moral of the story? When the sequel comes out, I am buying the book online and having Bree sign it at her house. Or I will be leaving the little one at home, and attending the signings solo.

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I actually give this book two thumbs up, but I had to use my other thumb to hold the book and keep it away from Stella.


Bree Biesinger Despain said...

Ah, how old is Stella now? I'm afraid this is probably the beginning of MANY freak-outs to come. And I hate it when they want to drive their own strollers. Asher almost disabled a woman at the post office doing that.

But I didn't notice Stella's tantrum because I was too busy being distracted by my own children brawling with each other right in the middle of my speech. That was awesome.

Thanks so much for coming! Awesome pictures, as always.

Marli said...

Okay, so Bree is in my ward. I remember Tyler use to home teach them and he would come home and tell me about this cool book that she was writing. Well, he got assigned to different familys and I'm in YW so I never really get to be with the adults of the ward. So I wasn't getting updates. And low and behold here at your blog I find out what happened. I'm excited to get the book. The pictures are awesome of both of the events. You did such a good job decorating. You get two thumbs up for that. :)

Sara said...

Fun to catch up with you. I had to laugh at can be very humbling. My almost 3-year old cracks me up so bad, and that is not necessarily a good thing. He is always telling me that I am in trouble and tries to put me in a time out. Hmmm... :)