Friday, January 1, 2010


Last year I had Stella wear this headband to ring in 2009 and she could barely sit up, but I still wanted her to sit up in the pictures. At one point, she toppled over and banged her head on the floor and Brent was not happy. "Was that worth it? To let Stella get hurt for a picture?" Thanks to an infant's short term memory loss, she was over it in no time, and we were still able to enjoy 2009.

I don't think 2009 has been that awesome, but I have to say that I don't really have anything bad to say about it. I mostly seem to remember all of the happy memories, and the times Stella made me laugh more than the times she made me crazy. My dad is alive and getting better, and we all have a new perspective on family and life. The world is only going to get sadder and more disgusting, but it will be our attitudes and understanding of the Gospel that will help us remember the good stuff year after year. Sometimes this is easier said than done, but if we are really going to be like Jesus than we had better see the good in our lives, and move past the sorrows and disappointments. I am of course saying this more to myself than anyone else, because I never want to forget how many blessings I enjoy in this life that I need to be thankful for each year.

To see how Stella wore this headband last year, you can click HERE.


Christy said...

Those are so cute but I love the last one the most. :) happy New Year!!

mistieleigh said...

what a cute little girl. i love her! i love the relaxing in the recliner...she is adorable. and how fun you and your sis have kids the same age...what great memories they'll make!

angelicindy said...

I remember reading that out of our most difficult adversities come our greatest triumphs. Isn't it interesting how much we can learn from those tough times?! I hate it, but I'm afraid that I wouldn't trade what I've learned for an easier road. I'm so thrilled and relieved that your year ended on such a positive note!