Saturday, January 23, 2010


My dad turned 55 yesterday. Experiencing a birthday not long after you have almost died seems pretty significant to me, and yesterday was a very reflective day for me. I was just so glad that today was a happy day and not a sad day, and that we were celebrating my dad's birthday with his recovery moving along. He has actually started going to the shop a couple of days a week and life gets more and more normal each day.

For the party, we kept it low key. Ashley made lasagna and I made my devilish chocolate cake. When it was time to sing Happy Birthday my mom and I put a "sparkler" candle in the mix. It didn't sparkle, but it did fall over and almost start a small fire on the cake. Stella and I bought my dad a balloon and cards. It was totally cute when we realized that Stella and Ava picked out the same exact card for their grandpa. I let Stella sign the card herself and also add some squiggly embellishments.

We had a great time, and the cake was enjoyed by all. My dad called me this afternoon: "Michelle, I have some serious news." Me: "What?!" Dad: "We are out of cake."


Johnson's said...

That is so awesome! I'm too glad it was a day of celebration and not sadness.
I especially love the last pic of Miss Stella opening her mouth as if she's being fed! It's all about her, isn't it?!

Nicole said...

I'm so glad you guys got to have a happy day too.

That last picture is priceless.

angelicindy said...

It's such a relief and such a joy to hear about your dad's progress. What a wonderful way to spend the day celebrating the birth of an awesome man! P.S. LOVE that last pic with your mom, Ava, and Stella. Priceless!

Brandy said...

Good show! Balloon, adorable. Pic with Scott and cards, priceless. Recipe for chocolate cake, needed. :)

Livi Lou Photography said...

I love how the cake is half eaten when he is blowing out the candles. That must be some cake!!
What an amazing family you have! I love how much you all enjoy being with each other, it's how a family should be! Love you guys and tell your dad happy birthday from me!