Thursday, November 4, 2010


Before she was even born, Stella had an extensive wish list on with the movies her heart desired most. I thought it was a little silly to buy her movies before she was born, but obviously her movie-obsessed father thought differently. I, in turn, thought to let it go. Fast forward to 2 1/2 years later to find a young child absolutely obsessed with movies. Just like her father dreamed.

The obsession started innocently enough when I decided to put in the movie Annie and watch it with my daughter the same day I started reading the Hunger Games series which I couldn't put down. I was relieved to discover my child was obsessed with Annie. When it would end, she would want to start it over right away. I was just as obsessed with my books so Stella and I had an understanding. Soon I would catch Stella watching the end of Annie and singing as loud as she could "Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya, tomorrow, your only a DAAAAAAYYYY, AAAAAAAA, WAAAAAAAAYYYY!" I also have yet to get tired of her saying "Hardknocklife," like it is one word instead of three.

After the weeks and weeks of Annie we started to introduce more movies like The Incredibles (Stella calls it "Credibles") and Sleeping Beauty ("Bootie"). Soon, Stella felt her viewing of "Bootie" wasn't really complete without a slow dance to "I Know You" with her mother or father.

Last week Brent surprised Stella with Beauty and the Beast. Which she mainly calls "Bonjour." She loves to sing the opening song and doesn't like it if you try and sing with her. The first time we watched that one I realized what a true princess fan she is. When the dance scene with Belle wearing her yellow dress began, she gasped, "Her dress!" Her breath was taken away.

It is clear that Stella loves the musicals the most, but she is also now fond of two Japanese animated movies that don't have singing. Even without the singing, she loves them and asks to watch them all of the time.

These are currently the only movies she knows exists, so I am sure that as we show her more, she will only learn to love more. One thing is for certain though--I don't think she will ever change her mind about where the best spot in the whole house is to watch a awesome movie: on Mommy's bed, on her pillow.


Suzette Willmore said...

my twins are what you would call "junkies" as well! they LOVE joseph and the amazing technicolor dreamcoat, mary poppins, seven brides for seven brothers and annie (what little girl doesn't like this movie?). a few shockers on their list are the jaws and jurassic park movies. dustin might have had something to do with that?

mistieleigh said...

so cute. i actually wish my kids liked movies much- i have to force the issue usually. happy she likes the classic-ANNIE. I love that show. you are teaching her well!

Bree Biesinger Despain said...

Stella has good taste! Those are all some of my favorite movies. Especially Beauty and the Beast & Sleeping Beauty.

Loved hearing Stella sing her Annie songs the other night! We need to hang out more.

About Us said...

I love this story even the second boys love Cloudy with a Chance of which D calls "Wanna watch Meatbows, Mama." I love little kid talk!

Lori said...

Piper and Cohen love all of the Miyazaki (did I totally spell it wrong, Brent?) movies. Currently, we have Totoro checked out from the library and we watch it every morning. We've renewed it 3 times and sadly have to take it back tomorrow. I think we'll actually buy that one for Christmas. Ponyo and Kiki's are currently in rotation, with Spirited Away (which I don't get but Cohen LOVES!).