Friday, November 26, 2010


We decided to host Thanksgiving at our house this year. I actually like doing it. It is nice to have both the Sallay and Evans sides of the family together. In the morning, Stella and I cooked some cranberries and prepared the candied yams. Stella was such a good help in the kitchen and loved getting ready for the holiday. She also helped me set the table and started deciding where everyone should sit. It was all very cute and responsible of her.

Daddy (mine) made the turkey this year. This level of activity was a huge improvement from last year, when he was hooked up to a machine that was doing all his breathing for him. It is so crazy that it feels like a whole different lifetime ago that he was sick, but it was only just last year. I think having my dad with us on Thanksgiving was the thought that I reflected on the most. That, and being grateful for such a charming daughter, and a brilliant husband who, all by himself, put together a movie theater in our basement (more on that later). Oh, and Jesus. I am thankful for Jesus too.


mistieleigh said...

happy thanksgiving. and while i am at it...happy birthday too!

Jenny said...

that's quite a feat, hosting and preparing thanksgiving that is. Glad to know and see your dad doing so well. STella looks so much like her daddy. She is looking so much like a little girl. Happy Thanksgivng!!