Wednesday, August 17, 2011


The artist at work in her studio.

Introducing the newest artist on the preschool art scene, Stella Sallay. Miss Sallay has just recently added acrylic paintings to her already wide portfolio of creative work. Her mother, Michelle Sallay, believes that this is Stella's most important work so far, and now believes that Stella is ready for her pieces to be displayed on the fridge and sent to her Aunt Kathy to be proudly displayed at the MTC gallery of fine preschool art.

When recently asked in a home video interview what medium Stella prefers, she told the interviewer (her mom) that she loved working with Play-Doh. However, Mom prefers the easy cleanup of paints, and loves that her brilliant daughter's work is now more permanent.

Stella's creations have simple themes. She seems to enjoy drawing her loved ones in an abstract manner. "This is Ava," she says as she paints another blob or line on her paper.

If you are interested in your own piece of artwork for your fridge or home gallery, please contact Stella and she will be happy to create a new and completely original masterpiece just for you.

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John and Valerie said...

I would love a Stella original to hang in my house! :)