Friday, August 5, 2011


Heidi and the boys came down for a few precious days this week. Stella was so excited and kept telling everyone that Catchy-Cy was coming to her house. As usual we didn't do much, but the kids did get out the hose on the first day, and Stella had a blast getting soaked with the boys. Later, she was in control of the hose, and I wanted to get pictures of her spraying everything. But again, SHE WAS IN CONTROL OF THE HOSE, and her sprays being unpredictable, I couldn't risk the camera getting as soaked as Cather and Cy were.

For the rest of the visit we spent a good amount of time school shopping. The most successful trip was to the Gap which, with my handy little Gap Silver card, Heidi ended up saving more than she spent. It was awesome.

We also watched movies, had family over for dinner, and played. As usual, the visit was too short.

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