Monday, August 29, 2011


Brent and I don't go very many places just the two of us. Brent has a strong anti-travel stance that I have gotten used to. However, sometimes I find a deal online that includes free food, and if I find a deal like that Brent is usually game. I found this deal to go up to Park City for a couple of days, and it was so awesome it just couldn't be passed up! When we checked into our hotel they told us that we had one of the best rooms in their small boutique hotel. When they took us to the top of the hotel and I saw our giant two bedroom suite I believed them. In fact, when you look at the picture of the hotel, that is our room right at the very tippy top. It was kind of a quirky place to stay and on top of giving us the best room we actually got a real key to our room.

The first night we were there we headed into Park City proper for dinner and walked around. We made sure to get pictures by the new Bansky graffiti art. (Someone mentioned it had been put up just that morning.) Brent and I watched a movie about Bansky a while ago, and we are both big fans. It was hard to get a good picture though because no one really noticed the art until we started trying to take pictures and then all of the sudden everyone was trying to take their own pictures.

The rest of the weekend we mostly spent getting caught up on our shows and I went shopping of course. Our second night we had a freaking huge dinner. Overall a great time was had by both of the adult Sallays.


mistieleigh said...

i love getaways like that. good for you guys. and i, too, love the "Real key" for your room. you dont see that anymore. it sounds very romantic. :)

Geoff and Christy said...

Sounds like fun! Love the pictures! You are so cute and look awesome!! :)

Lori said...

they should make those key chains into belt buckles and make their tenants wear them. Looks fun!