Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Just like every adorable 3 year old, Stella says some pretty cute things. I often end up just posting her hilarious moments on Facebook, but thought I should also document a few of them here since this becomes my blog book and permanent family journal. Here are some recent favorite Stellaisms:

  • Stella: "Mom, we are going to be together forever." Me, thinking I have raised a spiritual child: "Yes baby, we are!" Stella: "Just like the Care Bears!"
  • Stella, holding a white crayon: "Mom, this one isn't working!"
  • After Ava saying "No way" to Ashley: "Ava, don't say 'no way' to your mama!"
  • Stella's stand on cannibalism: "Mommy, we don't eat people. It is not nice."
  • "I love to bear my testimony, Daddy. It helps me."
  • "Mom, who is this?" Me: "Winnie the Pooh." Stella, surprised: "The poop?
This is what Stella wore the night her Aunt Kathy was set apart. I took a few quick pictures because I thought she looked so sweet.

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Christy said...

She does look pretty sweet! :) Cute outfit! I know I've already laughed at the ones that were on facebook but they made me laugh again, and so did the ones I hadn't seen. That Stella sure is funny!
I need to remember to keep track of all the funny stuff Aedan says cuz he's pretty hilarious too. Cali is just starting to be funny sometimes.