Sunday, April 8, 2012


This year Easter was on our 8th anniversary, and also my mom's birthday is April 9th, and also it is Easter. So it was a busy day today. We managed to celebrate like crazy.

Yesterday we dyed some eggs. Stella had never done this before and we were hoping to have Ava with us, but Ash was sick all week. We still had fun and the whole process fascinated Stella. She is a very talented egg decorator.

Stella knows all about the Easter bunny even though this is his first year making a stop at our house. Stella was so excited to wake up and find her basket. Inside was a "Fur Real Friend" bunny. Stella and I saw the commercial for them a few weeks ago and she had gone crazy laughing at the bunnies hopping around, so I made a call to the Easter bunny and told him to bring one to Stella.

As soon as she checked out her basket we went egg hunting. I found a special surprise hiding with one of the eggs: a blue Tiffany & Co. bag. I assumed it was for me since it is my anniversary and all. Brent was a real cute sneak and got me an infinity necklace since it also looks like an 8 turned on its side, and it has been 8 wonderful years. Stella was awesome at finding her eggs and then I got to open my present. It was a great morning.

Stella's Easter dress was kind of a stunner this year. I got it at Janie & Jack while it was super on sale. I thought it was so adorable and special that it deserved its own photo shoot so we stopped at Temple Square on our way to my parent's house to do just that. This photo shoot was, for the most part, on Stella's terms. She decided where she would stand/sit, what kind of expression she would make, and if she was interested in any of my ideas.

When Ava got to Grandma's I got them both to hold still just long enough to get a picture of the girls in their beautiful Easter frocks.

So a little while ago my dad bought not one but two motor homes. Which of course (enter sarcasm here) he totally needed. Stella and I were the first ones to see the huge one and I about died when I saw my dad pull up to my house in the biggest motor home they allow on the road. It felt so big inside and Stella and I kind of loved it. I am not a camper, but I love the insides of motor homes. We went on a drive and Stella honked the horn and she couldn't wait to share it with Catchy-Cy and Ava. We took the boys for a drive in it while they were here, and today Stella told Ava (you'll have to imagine her very deliberate accompanying hand motions) "We took Catchy-Cy on the bus, and Daddy thought we were going to die...but we didn't."

So since today I had my camera and my dad sold the motor home yesterday, we took some pictures of us on a drive in the motor home. It has nothing to do with Easter, but here they are. (Brent did not go on this drive, to avoid death.)

Look how tiny my dad is compared to the large motor vehicle:While we were on the wide open road, the Easter bunny made a late stop at Grammy's. The girls had tons of fun finding all of the chocolate eggs.

I made my mom a sugar cookie cake with these amazing sugar cookies that I love. Ashley got the award for best present by giving Mom a tulip painting that she had made.

I spent the rest of the night looking at Tyler and Courtney's wedding pictures and when we were finally done with that we had to call it a night since Stella had had a very busy Easter day.


Mistie said...

Love her pink dress and also how her blue eyes pop so much with that dress! Love all her poses! You look alot like your mom in the egg decorating shot of you and Stella. Also, my dad and mom have a huge motorhome like that too. Pure is a NICE house on wheels. Maybe we can both inherit it or something one day and travel the country. HAHA.
Happy Easter!

Christy said...

Brent is so clever to think of the infinity necklace! He gets major props for that. Awesome!
Stella looks stunning in her dress! I love it! She did a great job picking her spots and posing. :)
Man... that picture of those sugar cookies made me want one! YUM! :)

valerie sallay said...

Dear Stella, I miss you. You are to cute for words and I LOVE your Easter dress.. I can't wait till I get to see you again. I am sure glad we are family!

valerie sallay said...

Maybe Brent could talk to John about our 5 year gift this year.. He seems to know how to get good ones. :) I Miss you guys, and I hope next Easter we are there with you guys!
And I am super happy you are Brent are married.. The Sallay family would not be the same with out you! Love You!