Tuesday, April 10, 2012


We often hang out with Heather on Tuesdays. We normally go to the aquarium where I never take pictures because the lighting is terrible and I just want to have fun, but I could not leave my camera at home when Heather invited us to ride horses at Thanksgiving Point.

Stella was so excited, but I was very nervous that they would freak her out and that she wouldn't want to ride them. Though as it turned out, that was the least of my worries. The worst part of our visit was that it is Spring Break in Utah County and so it was way busy. It was a very long wait to ride the ponies, and Heather has little patience so she started to try and bribe Stella with treats and promises of a future visit. Well, Stella wouldn't even make eye contact with her in fear that we would leave before she got to ride a pony.

She was adorable when it was finally her turn, and the reaction on her face when she got to her pony was priceless. Even the lady that works there who is kind of jaded by watching kids ride ponies all the time kept telling me how cute she was. (Who can blame her?)

We also saw baby lambs and other fun animals, and we went on a "hay" ride. Stella is ready to visit again and wants to bring all her friends now that she is a professional cowgirl.


valerie sallay said...

So cute!! I LOVE her braid!

Christy said...

That is pretty dang cute! I love her braid! Next time we come visit we'll have to let Stella show us the ponies. My kids would love it too. :)

Mistie said...

look at that braid! Her hair is getting so long....
what a diva.