Sunday, April 1, 2012


This week was certainly a highlight for Miss Stella. She had Aunt Heidi and her boys here for a full week. She was so excited she had to count the sleeps remaining a week before and the countdown took all of her patience. Every morning: "How many more sleeps until Catchy-Cy come to my house?"

We were go-go-go the whole week and I really didn't take any pictures for most of it. Cy and Catcher entertained Stella non-stop. Their favorite game was throwing balls up to the balcony while Stella was up on the balcony with one of the boys. It was loud as they ran around and bounced the ball against the railing of the balcony, but they had Stella in fits of giggles each time that the ball made it up to her so I didn't mind. (Unfortunately she had like 15 slivers in her tiny feet to show for the good times.) They also made her laugh constantly in all of our car rides. So if either of them ever want to consider a career in comedy they already have their biggest fan.

Heidi and I always want to accomplish more than we do. But our main goal was to get some pot pies made and frozen for future enjoyment. Heidi made some for me for my birthday a few years ago and I have been craving them ever since. Making the pies included a huge trip to WinCo, cooking our first turkey, watching Heidi painstakingly cut all the veggies into small equal sizes (I am not allowed to help, she likes them just so), cooking the veggies, making the rue, mixing up the insides in huge bowls, filling the pies and realizing that while we thought we would end up with 20 pies...we had only made enough filling for 10, discovering that I had frozen the pie crust tops so they took forever to thaw and put on the pies, and then finally being glad we only made 10 pies because I only had room for 10 pies in my freezer anyway. This work took a whole week. But we were darn proud.

Other activities during the week included riding in Papa Scott's huge new motor home, watching The Muppets on the big screen, taking the boys to the aquarium, feeding the ducks while Stella was at dance, introducing everyone to the deliciousness of The Pancake House, swimming with the extended Gummow family at a super fun pool, watching brand new episodes of Doc McStuffins, lots of hide 'n' seek and ball throwing and running and giggling around the house, a shopping trip to the mall with a Build-a-Bear highlight, and finally, a nature walk while we attempted to take some pictures of Wyn after sucking down Jamba Juices in the sun before the boys had to head back home to Idaho.

I had to take pics at Build-a-Bear because Stella has wanted to make a bear there forever. She was so excited as she picked out a bunny to stuff, picked out a heart, made a wish, and washed her new bunny. She picked out a cute pink robe for her bunny and named her "Cupcake."

I took some pictures of the band together during the nature walk, and the Jambas were delicious.

As the Gummow car drove off, Stella cried: "I want Catchy-Cy to come back to my house." I had to agree--it is always so fun to have them around and always so sad to say goodbye.


Christy said...

My fav is the one of Stella making a wish with her heart. So awesome!! All her build-a-bear pictures are adorable though, of course.
Man, those pies look super yummy!! How could you post such yummy pictures when you know a pregnant women is going to be looking at them?? :)

valerie sallay said...

Those pot pies look pretty yummy!! I am glad Stella got some time with her boys. :)

Christy said...

Those pies do look mighty tasty! The pictures of Stella with her bunny are really sweet.