Sunday, June 2, 2013


We had another great year at Miss Julie's dance. Stella has probably outgrown it by now, but she loved it and has learned a lot. I can't believe how fast the two years went by. The theme of this year's recital was America, and Stella was decked out in her signature color, blue. 

First up was tap and she loved the fringe skirt that she got to wear. She loved how it felt and loved watching it swish from side to side. Her tap number was great, some real show-stopping moments for sure. And as usual, Stella never let any other girl get in front of her--she always managed to dance her way to being 100% seen.

I liked her ballet costume very much, and her dance was sweet. Stella was great at pretending that one of her shoes wasn't too small. At some point recently, she and another girl accidentally swapped shoes, so now she has one 8 and one 8½ sized ballet shoe. I told her she just had to pretend it didn't hurt and perform. That's showbiz, baby. Stella also loved her ballerina necklace from Grammy.

We were honored to have the Gummows make a special trip for the recital. Catcher even missed a baseball game so he could be there. She loved having her boys in the audience and giving them high-fives after each performance. They even did a special "hands in" cheer for her. Stella is lucky to have so many people who love her come and support her dancing.


valerie sallay said...

so cute! Nellie can't say Stella so she called her Cinderella. :)

Christy said...

So adorable! Love the ones of you and Stella! :)