Friday, June 21, 2013


As Stella grows up it becomes increasingly difficult for me to put into words how extraordinary I think she is. She is such a great person. She is kind and thoughtful. She is smart with an amazing memory and knack for directions. She is talented with a beautiful voice and a love of the stage. Plus she is lovely, with stunning blue eyes, kissy cheeks (that I'm not allowed to kiss), and a bright, happy smile.

Stella wanted a Minnie Mouse birthday party, which made sense since she is all about Minnie these days. We had an enjoyable day together on her birthday getting ready for her party. It was just us making cupcakes and frosting them (Stella put all the Minnie Mouse decorations on the cakes herself), putting up the decorations,  and cleaning to get ready for "mine, not Mommy's" guests.

She had a great time at her party and got some wonderful gifts. She is especially excited about her new American Girl doll that Grammy and Papa got her, and keeps saying this morning that she can't believe that she has an American Girl doll and talks about how beautiful it is. She also got a bike from Brent and I that because of my laziness was not at all a surprise. She was with me when we bought it--I know, lame of me. See, I wanted her to pick one out and check what size we would need. When the bike she chose was on sale and there was talk of there being only one in stock, I decided just to buy it with her with me. She did however love knowing about it all week and loved thinking about the moment that she would finally get her new bike.

Stella is so fun to buy gifts for because she is so sweet about receiving them. She is always happy about her toys and loves them very much. I suppose she might be spoiled, but thankfully not spoiled rotten.

Five years can sure fly by, folks, especially when you have by your side the most delightful person you could ever imagine. That has been my life since she joined our family in 2008. I love my Stella Marie!

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Christy said...

Ok seriously. Has she grown? She looks so tall and grown up! Plus her hair has grown. Didn't I just see her a few months ago?? Is it just me?