Friday, June 21, 2013


About a month ago we got a call from my cousin Monica letting us know that she and her husband Shawn were getting baptized. Mom and I were so excited and happy to hear the unexpected news. So we planned to go to Phoenix for the event happening on June 8th. 

Stella and I flew down a day early so that we could be on a flight with room for us, and mom got the last seat on the plane the following day. Then Saturday we drove down to Casa Grande for the baptism. It was a really lovely little service. Mom spoke on baptism and did a really good job. It was obvious she was emotional, but she was able to deliver her message no problem. 

The next morning we got up and ready to go to church for the confirmation. It was a great day at church. I felt a very happy and peaceful feeling throughout the whole day. I am so happy for Monica and Shawn and what this choice means for their family. And I felt so blessed to be there and to be a part of it.

We stayed a few more days in Phoenix. Can I just tell you how much I freaking love the desert? I especially love going out after dark and having it still be hot. I don't know, it suits me. We stayed at our favorite Hyatt hotel. Stella and I got up for breakfast every morning and we went swimming of course. The pool was always quiet during the day because it was too hot for most mortals. Note: Stella's name for her princess school on the other side of the pool? Curtsy & Beyond.

We also had fun going shopping of course and spending too much money. We had planned to go home on Friday but woke up to full flights. The car rental place thankfully needed cars in Utah so we were able to drive there without the $200 charge. The drive to and from Phoenix though is a bear of a drive and I had sworn that I would never do it again. Still, we decided it was the best option to get us home. We made the long drive mostly in silence, having little music on hand, but sadly/happily discovered the XM radio stations late in the drive. When we got home at about midnight, I was totally exhausted.

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Christy said...

Those pool pics are pretty cute! I love her shoes!!