Monday, July 8, 2013


I was really looking forward to this Fourth of July. First of all we were going to have some extra family in town with John, Valerie, and their kids visiting. Also, I had already decided that I was going to spend a ton on fireworks. It was a fun day. Valerie and I started off the holiday right by taking advantage of the sales at the mall, and then we had lunch with just the two of us. 

When I got home I picked out a patriotic outfit for the day. Stella, as usual, rocked her photo shoot. She is my Miss America all the way!

 I bought a lot of fireworks. I love them.

I would have liked to take a lot more pictures of the whole evening--I didn't even get any of some of the people that were there. But I was pretty busy making food and lighting things on fire. Unfortunately for us the evening took a bit of a dark turn when one of the fireworks from our neighbor's house attacked us, one of the balls actually hitting my dad and then exploding under his chair, while another exploded in our garage. We're all alright, but it was scary, especially with the girls out with us. It kind of made me freaked out to light the last of our grand finale fireworks, but everything ended up working out. Overall, it was definitely a fun fourth!

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