Saturday, July 13, 2013


Yesterday we went up to Brighton for a nature walk around Silver Lake. We took some food up for a picnic, and Stella fed most of her Doritos to the chipmunks. Stella made John read her all of the informational plaques along the walk while Nellie ran ahead of us trying to escape. 

We found a few ducklings to feed, and the girls loved throwing them bread. Since this wasn't really a hike, Stella (our little hiking girl) would take little diversions off of the path, over rocks and small bushes, to make the walk a little more hike-like. Little Nellie was always quick to follow her cousin on her adventures off of the path. As we came to the end of the trail Nellie was finally worn out and crashed on the boardwalk. Thankfully her daddy was able to pick her up and help her finish out the trail. 

I spotted some wildflowers and made the girls pose together for some pics. I think they did pretty good at posing all together.

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Geoff and Christy said...

Love these! Stella is such an awesome poser! She takes after her mamma. :) The flowers are so pretty and the girls really did take adorable pictures.