Sunday, July 28, 2013


So I needed to get away and was able to scam Heidi into coming to Vegas with me. We brought Stella along as well because it was, after all, a girls' trip. We flew in Sunday and checked into our room at Planet Hollywood. It had been years since I had stayed on the strip and it was all hustle and bustle. We headed out right away to get something to eat and settled on the Cheesecake Factory. However, with all the crowds, distance, and pretty shops we didn't sit down to eat until 9:15 pm Utah time. Dinner was delicious and gave me time to decide that I wanted the Kate Spade shoes I had just seen at the boutique after all. After dinner, as we fought the insane crowd in the rare humid Vegas night, we stopped off to see the Bellagio fountains and they played "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds." Which Stella and I sang along to really loud. It was so fun.

The next morning we woke up and headed to the Outlet Mall. It was again insanely busy, but we were able to hunker down and do some serious shopping. Stella was so over it, but she got a smoothie as a peace offering and seemed happy enough about the day. Sweet Aunt Heidi then took Stella down for a swim at the pool when we got back to the hotel. That night we found a delicious Mexican restaurant at the hotel mall. They had these huge glasses there, which Stella asked me what they were for. I told her they were for if you wanted to get really drunk. Suddenly we got the giggles and were posing with the glasses like we were wild and crazy girls.

 Stella took some pictures at the mall. She said: "Heidi, you pose like this:"
  "And Mommy, you pose like this:"
  Then she took our picture:
 We loved staying at Planet Hollywood even though it was maybe a bit wild for us, but our room was quiet and the Bellagio fountains were very close. At Stella's insistence we went to watch a few fountain shows that night before bed. It was great fun. We got lucky and got to hear Frank's "Luck Be a Lady" which of course is the best Vegas song of all.

 The best parts of our room were the huge tub and the skinny mirror. Heidi and I couldn't get enough of how we looked in the skinny mirror.

 I'm so glad my best girls were able to come with me on my trip. It cheered me up and created some fun memories. Stella told us we weren't allowed to think of boys while we were on our girls' trip, but we still missed them (sorta).

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