Sunday, August 11, 2013


Post title brought to you by the man paying for the LEGOS.

The obsession began when I finally bought Stella a LEGO Friends set from Wal-Mart for her to play with while she was recovering from her surgery. She has wanted one for ages. Stella and I had so much fun putting our first set together (the pet saloon) that I had to have more sets. Two more sets later and I couldn't take it anymore--I HAD to have the Heartlake High School. The best deal was on so we had to wait for it to ship. When the package appeared on our porch late Saturday I screamed for joy and then Stella screamed for joy when we opened it. 

The High School is by far the biggest and cutest set we have done. So of course I had to take tons of pictures of the expereince. Overall, LEGO Friends is something Stella and I both love equally--we have a ton of fun putting them together and seeing the clever, tiny things that we create. It is the best.

See if you can spot Stella's mini drama in the pictures. We both wanted this set because it is one of the few that comes with a boy. So Stella has the boy and girl kissing in front of the school and then the teacher comes by and tells them to break it up while she rams into them and knocks them both down. We did it a few times. It was funny all of the times.

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valerie sallay said...

Well that looks pretty cute..