Sunday, August 25, 2013


Last week we had our much anticipated Douglas visit. Stella was so excited to see her friends. The three musketeers just play and play and play. They are always coming up with stories, games, and plans. They make me feel a little bit better about all the toys that I buy Stella because they all play with all of them for hours. 

Another huge bonus of a Douglas visit is having a man around the house. Geoff found a way to fix our basement stair light, replaced the lights upstairs in our vaulted rooms, and replaced our outdated thermostats. (Too bad he left before my garbage disposal broke today :).)

Here are pics of the kids playing with Stella's new Play-doh Disney Princess castle. They are the only pictures I took the whole time they were here.

But don't worry, my camera queen Christy also took some pics on her phone. Even pictures at Seven Peaks. I never take any pictures there because I never want to bring a camera. We try to go there a lot in the summer. I wish we could have gone more often, but we still got good use out of our passes. We went twice with the Douglas clan and Stella loved having friends just her size to play with.

One of my favorite stories from this visit happened at the water park. The first time we went, Christy and I went down a slide together and completely flipped over. It was painful, I hit my head hard, and Christy got really banged up. It freaked her out and she didn't want to try again. So when we went a second time, I told her she needed to "get back on the horse," and that we would ride single this time so as to avoid flippage.

Christy is scared enough of the rickety stairs, so when we got up there she wasn't ready. I went down and thought she was right behind me. After about ten other people had come down, I finally asked this kid: "Hey, did you see a girl up there who was scared to come down?" He replied: "You mean a LADY?" "Um, yeah, I guess a lady, like a mom..." I don't know, I just giggled to myself how I see Christy and myself as girls, but of course the real youngsters would not.

Christy did finally made it down...but it took a while. I was proud of her for getting over her fear--she is an old lady and all...

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