Monday, August 5, 2013


A few months ago when we went to see Stella's pediatrician to get her all set for her Kindergarten shots, her doctor commented on the large size of her tonsils. He asked me how she slept, and I told him the truth--that she had been sleeping great, and so quiet that I sometimes had to get real close to make sure that she was breathing. Of course, immediately after that visit, Stella started getting louder and louder when she was sleeping. I really noticed it when we were in Phoenix, where I first thought that she might have just had a cold, or maybe she is just a kid who snores. 

Then when we were in Vegas I shared a bed with her again and I couldn't believe how loud she was. It kept me up all night and woke me up from dreams. In the middle of the night I realized that she actually would stop breathing and then her body would jump and wake up for a breath. It was really scary and made me very worried. Each breath was a struggle and I hated it. So as soon as we got home I videotaped her sleeping and then made an appointment with an ENT. As soon as he saw the video he said that she was worse than most and that her tonsils should come out. 

We made the appointment for as soon as possible because I just honestly wanted the whole ordeal to be over with. But as the day came closer I started to second guess our choice. She seemed to be breathing better--not good, but better than usual. Were we being too hasty? But I just kept feeling like this was the right choice. 

Of course, Stella and I were very nervous the (very early) morning of the surgery, though I was definitely more scared than her. She was so brave as we said goodbye and she went off in her wagon with her new hospital buddy. The surgery was short, but I felt like we were waiting forever. All the other parents in the waiting room seemed calm but I was freaking out. I couldn't sit still for a second. When it was over and I was able to go back and see her I was relieved that it had gone well. She of course was really nauseated and in lots of pain, but she continued to be brave as she took her medicine and dealt with the drama of having to throw up. 

That night when she went to bed she fell asleep quickly and was so quiet while sleeping that I couldn't believe it. I was so happy that we had made the decision to take out her tonsils. I think she will be much happier now that we have done it. Now, a few days later she is back to normal almost. She has a sore throat but it is feeling better. I'm thankful for prayers and blessings and all the things that made the whole experience easier. I've only got one, folks, and I would hate it if anything happened to her. And, as you can see from these pictures, she is a sweetie!


MathMan said...

oh stella. So glad she is feeling good! love her!

Mistie said...

poor little button. i could feel your worry, just reading your post. happy it all went well. oh, and i didn't realize she is starting kindergarten like my seneka. wow! She is growing up fast!