Monday, January 19, 2015


Halloween this year was so fun. It helped that the weather was insanely lovely, and that Stella didn't have school so we had the whole day to chill and be festive. We started the day with a little pumpkin carving. Stella was very grossed out by the inside of the pumpkin and made me do a lot of the more gross work. She did draw all of the facial features though. Our design collaboration was a winking girl pumpkin with very long eyelashes.

Since this year has been all about the High School Musical movies, Stella wanted to be a character from the show. She is also into cheerleaders so this cheerleader costume seemed like the perfect fit. She looked super cute as usual.

Ashley hosted all of us over at her house again this year. With the additions of Porter and Finn it was a really fun little trick or treat time. The night was warm and the girls hauled in a ton of candy. It was the end of my month without sugar so I had a taco with an actual tortilla and life that night for me was pretty freaking great.

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