Tuesday, January 27, 2015


One day about a decade ago, I went into Verizon for a new phone. I do NOT want a phone with a camera, I declared. And then I left the store with a phone that had a camera anyway because, well, that was pretty much all they had. I never used it. It was like I found the idea of having a camera with me at all times fundamentally disgusting. Fast forward to a few phones later, and I still had a phone with a camera, but I hardly used it. However, seeing as I was with the cutest cutie of all time all day long, I ended up taking a few pictures here and there. I had that phone for over FOUR years. I loved it until I couldn't take not having the internet anymore and I had to upgrade. 

Last March I expressed a concern to my techie brother-in-law, John. What was to come of all the pictures I had on my old phone? I didn't have many, but the few I did have I didn't want to lose. Being a dinosaur phone, the ability to get said photos moved to a computer was not easy, and John had to spend a good several hours finding a way to save them. When he finally sent them to me today, I was so happy to have them back in my life and not lost forever. Lots of little memories of times with my sidekick came flooding in. So again, John Sallay is the hero of the day here at our house!

These pictures are not in order at all and they span over four years of course so there are all kinds of Stellas. Mostly Stellas at restaurants. I guess I think her eating is sort of cute. Ok, here we go...

After dance for almost two years, we went to Noodles and Company almost every week. This was post Tyler and Courtney being married because I remember having sent this picture to Courtney.

 Stella after dance at the Pancake House, sad face because Daddy isn't here.

She's along for the ride at Wal-Mart.

 Too tired to help look for pillows at Ross, but then spoiled with a princess bed at TJ Maxx:

 Waiting to be dropped off at Kindergarten.

An older Stella at Noodles & Company.

At H&M looking like a model in her H&M coat that brought hundreds of compliments to her life.

Market Street after a lunch with Bree. Right before Book #3 of The Dark Divine came out.

And then Brent reading his copy that night (since he stars in the book he got to read it first).

At Barnes & Noble looking cute.

Helping Mommy couch shop. There were a lot of couch pictures because Stella wanted to be in every couch picture and I took many. I only kept these two...pictures...not couches.

Hitting 100,000 miles in my car on the way home from Idaho. Really safe driving took place to get this shot. ;)

At our pool in Florida. Our first visit to the condo in Vero Beach, Spring 2013.

Picking out something for Heather's baby at Janie & Jack. Stella always loved shopping in this section while I looked at clothes for her.

Stella loved going to "Bawnes n Bobo" to play with the trains. It was always the best when she had it to herself like on this day.

We miss Rafael's! One of my earliest phone pics, sharing a smoothie with my baby.

Just the other day, Stella said that the best thing about dancing at Miss Julie's was the trampoline she had in her yard. I think this is Spring 2012 or 2013.

A super fun Disneyland visit with friends makes a very sad baby girl at the airport. May 2012.

Being cute eating food at Wendy's.

Baby Stella with Catcher and Cy at IKEA.

Seeing my favorite band, Okkervil River, was a late night for this old lady, but my front row seats were amazing! June 17, 2011.

The only time Ava used her Pass of all Passes. Summer 2012.

Shopping with the Gummows at TJ Maxx was better with this hat.

At the Dino Museum with Christian at Thanksgiving Point just minutes before I got in the biggest fight of my life with a crazy mom.

We are eating at Pei Wei and loving on each other.

One day Stacey invited us over to our old condo pool for a swim.

Wave pool. 2012.

Those two love to snuggle in the backseat.

More post-dance class pancakes.

So excited for her Snow White Halloween wig.

Baby Stella at Noodles & Company making a mess of her pasta.

Ok, so I honestly do not know where this is. I think maybe Las Vegas...maybe.

At this age she only fell asleep in the car once every 6 months, if that.

These days she is still wearing these, her favorite pajamas. Although they fit much more snugly now.

Applebee's with Ashley and Ava.

Showing off her preschool snowman, Christmas 2011. We took this picture because she wanted to send it to Aedan and Cali.

Ava and Stella snuggling at their Applebee's lunch.

A proud builder at the library.

Eating fries and being adorable at Crown Burger.

Short hair in January of 2014.

Such amazing hair and straw skills at Noodles again.

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