Tuesday, January 20, 2015


I forgot that I wanted to do a blog post about when Stella and I went to the Ogden Temple open house. I usually don't have a lot of interest in these kind of mass events--I just dislike crowds so much. So I wasn't really thinking about going to the open house until the days were almost gone. I realized all of the sudden that of course Stella would LOVE to go inside and see what the temple looks like. So I got us some last minute tickets and headed up directly after she got out of school.

It worked out great because when we got there it was busy, but not crazy. We didn't have to wait at all. Stella was so excited and really loved every bit of it. At first we were in the middle of our group and we were getting shuffled through really fast. I found it kind of annoying because I didn't have time to tell Stella anything about what she was seeing. So finally I figured out we could hang back and go at our own pace, and then it was a lot more enjoyable. I told Stella about all the rooms and asked her what she liked the best.

When we made it to the Celestial Room, which is obviously the highlight of the tour, Stella was so excited and couldn't believe how beautiful it was. She whispered to me: "Mom, I really feel the Holy Ghost."

It was a really nice afternoon and as we were leaving the lines to get in were nuts, so it worked out great for us and I am so happy I took the time to take Stella. I hope she always remembers our special afternoon at the temple.

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