Saturday, September 26, 2015


When chatting about what we would like to do during the summer Lindsey had mentioned taking her son Asher up to Snowbird for a night. Of course being the non-outdoorsy people we are Stella and I had never even considered doing something like that, and we really had no idea what fun things there were to do up there during the summer.

It was kind of expensive, but it was so much fun. Of course when we got there Stella started getting nervous about these so called "fun" activities that she would be expected to do. I promised her that I wouldn't make her do anything that I didn't think she would enjoy and she put her trust in me again, and she had seriously the best time on all the rides.

The first ride was the Mountain Coaster. It was my favorite. You can control your speed and it is so fun and such a pretty ride to as you enjoy the beautiful scenery. I loved it. And after a nervous Stella finished it the first time she said she wanted to do it again and she LOVED it! (Make a not of Asher's glasses that Stella borrowed, she got lots of compliments on them and she looked pretty cool the whole day.)

We then went on the alpine slide. Which for me was really overcoming some serious fears because I am totally afraid of ski lifts. I seriously can't believe that they are such a huge part of skiing and people just get on them all the time and don't think about how scary and unsafe they are. The ski lift to get to the alpine slide didn't even have a bar in front to "hold" us in. It would get so high off of the ground and I hated it, however it was better then hiking up the hill so I sucked it up and played it cool.

Lindsey and I had an inside joke about "raising the roof" for the trip. While texting about it I would put a little guy that looked like he was cheering, but for her he looked different and she said it looked like I was saying: "raise the roof, raise the roof, raise the roof" So we had to get a few pics of us raising the freaking roof, because well we did.

Another brave Stella moment was going on the Zip line ride. Since it was basicially just a fast ski lift, it pretty much scared me too. Especially when we sit at the top and wait to go, but when it was moving it was just fun and we loved it.

The day continued full of fun. The kids jumped on the trampoline while I tried to talk Lindsey into asking one of the 20 year old guys that worked there out for her, but she wouldn't let me do that. However I was able to talk her into jumping off this free fall bungee thing. We have no pictures of it since we only did video but it looked really innocent and easy until you got to the top. It was one of the scariest things I have ever done and I can't believe I did it. Lindsey had to do it twice because we thought we didn't get a video, I felt bad when I actually did find the video on my phone, but not bad enough not to laugh about it.

Then we took the famous big lift up to the top of the mountain. It also scared the crap out of me and I was glad when it was over. It is amazing that they could build something that big that goes up a huge mountain. It was a great view without the hike which was good because we were pretty tired by then.

Asher was finally able to pan for his stones. You buy a bag that has sand and rocks and you find rocks. Both kids loved it, even though it was totally something that I normally would have told Stella she didn't need to do. Then we headed down the canyon for dinner and made it back in time to hit the pool for a little bit of dark night swimming.

It was in the hotel that Lindsey and I started to really notice how Asher and Stella fight like siblings. Stella is always bossing Asher around and Asher is always whining at Stella. They say each others names back and forth and it is kind of hilarious.

That morning our package included an amazing breakfast and then we were able to go on some more rides. We were pretty worn out and it was much hotter and busier so we did everything about once and then called it a day. Overall it was so much fun and full of so many great memories. We will never forget out first trip to Snowbird and we are so glad that Lindsey and Asher invited us along.