Saturday, September 26, 2015


I was lucky enough to get away with Stella having six whole bithdays before I finally had to cave and throw her a friend party. I would have probably gotten away with it a whole lot longer if it wasn't for her getting invited to so many fun parties over the years and her wishing that she could hostess her own event.

When I told her that I could have taken her on a cruise for the amount of money that we spent on the party her response was: "eh." Yeah, she didn't care, she wanted this party more than anything.

Renting a bounce house seemed like the easiest thing to do. Just let the kids play and call it a day. And it was really easy, we had a bounce theme and Courtney designed some very cute invites.

So the day of the party it was HOT, like crazy hot. And Stella's number one worry the night before was how all of her different groups of friends would all get along. It stressed her out a lot. For the most part they just all played and had a good time. Sarah Grace told Stella it was the best party that she had ever been to. And it was fun. We did have a few girls that were sad that they didn't get all of Stella's attention. Gabi from school and then of course the most important friend in Stella's life, Ava. They both did not like Stella having other friends. We hardly had time to get worried about it though because it was crazy. 

We had pizza and then Dippin' Dots and opened presents and just played and bounced. It was pretty dang fun overall. For me the whole thing was a total blur, but I couldn't get enough of Stella's happy face. She filmed some of it too, and the video will make you sick with all the bouncing, but it is full of her excitement. Did I mention that at the last minute I ordered another bouncy house because I didn't think we would have enough space to bounce? We only had to borrow power from Lindsey's house and blow a few wasn't over the top at all. ;)

In the end we sent everyone home with a bouncy light-up ball and said thanks for the amazing gifts they all brought Stella. The presents kept her entertained for weeks.

Later that day I made Stella pose with the bunch of balloons we used to decorate. She was still on a birthday high and she had the best day. She is so spoiled but hey, what am I going to do? Throw a lame party?

I'm not sure how or why I got Brent to do this pose, but I seriously love it. He was a big help for the party and I'm thankful he took the whole day off from work to help.
After all the fun died down we took a minute to enjoy the bounce house before they took it down. I hadn't had a chance to bounce so I'm glad I got a chance.

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