Monday, September 28, 2015


This year we had the always wonderful pleasure of a summer visit from the Douglas family. They stayed with us for a week right at the beginning of July. They had plans to drive home the night of the 4th so we decided to do fireworks on the 3rd. You can't light your own fireworks in California so it was a fun treat for the kids. However, since they go to Disneyland all the time, they have seen their fair share of explosions in the sky.

When we did sparklers it was a perfect opportunity to play with my new camera in the dark and see how it did, and I was so focused on the lighting and exposure that the composition suffered. However, there were still a few winners in the bunch.

On the actual 4th of July we got up early for the neighborhood breakfast and parade. This isn't my favorite tradition because my love of breakfast food is not greater than my love of sleeping in. But Stella loves it so we go. There were a couple of really cute pictures from the parade that I didn't post on Instagram.

That night we played it cool and watched our neighbor's fireworks. It was a quiet day, I had to recuperate from an insane migraine the night before so we just hung out. None of the Evans crew was around so I thought about going to a park, but after the fun with the Douglases the night before and some suspicious clouds I decided to stay in and it worked out great. Oh Summer Fun, I already miss you!

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