Friday, November 6, 2015


While our beloved Gummows were staying with us in August, we wanted to take them up to Alta to see if there were any more flowers left to admire. There weren't as many as when we had gone before, but there were some new ones that had bloomed and it was really beautiful. We got up to the trail too late again and it got dark too soon, but we still had a good little hike.

When we first got out of the car, I spotted Brent wearing my beloved denim jacket circa 2001, which I had brought for ME if I got chilly. But he decided it was for him to wear so he didn't get any mosquito bites, because apparently he had gotten one or two the last time we were up there...poor baby. Of course we had to laugh at his skinny, hipster guy look. And I wanted to take a million pictures of him even though he was annoyed at my camera being in his face. Oh well...I was a bit tiffed that he had stolen my jacket! Never worry, I was warm enough...barely.

We saw some deer at the beginning of the hike!

This is the picture that inspired me to get bangs a month and a half later. I wanted to cover up my expressive forehead, and be more like Heidi in all things.

Teeny Tiny Brent in the distance. We checked out this little spot off of the main trail and found a patch of colorful blooms. It was really dark by the time we found them though so my pictures are pretty blurry. Brent didn't come over with us, which is why he is tiny in the distance Brent...

As we were driving down the canyon we were all really in awe of the view as we first saw the city. The clouds were covering and the sunset was still giving them a glow. It was really pretty so I had to stop and take a few pics. Note: This hike was on August 13, 2015.

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