Friday, November 20, 2015


When I realized that school was going to start on August 19th this year, I was totally disgusted! I mean, that is basically still summer! Ugh, I hated it, really hated it. Stella was not into the idea of school starting either. One thing you can tell by these pictures is that she might be smiling (or yawning), but the smile never really reaches her eyes. She did NOT want to go to school, and I know she was very nervous.

Once we got to school though and got her all lined up to enter I could tell she was calming down. It is definitely a lot easier to send a second grader to school than a first grader. I knew she was much more prepared for a full day of school.

A few months in and Stella still isn't really into school. Although she is doing awesome. She just has a few friends that I think stress her out on a daily basis. But overall, second grade is going great.

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MathMan said...

August 19 is WAY to early!!!