Tuesday, December 8, 2015


My dad always has crazy ideas, but some of them are fun. Like the time he told me he wanted to go to San Francisco for the day and check out an exhibit of Turner paintings at the De Young Museum. Dad thinks he has one of his paintings (probably...hopefully), and he wanted to get close up and personal with these paintings so that he could find some evidence.

It was the last week of the exhibit and it was really busy. When we first walked in, I realized that we were walking into chaos. I have never been in a museum setting with that many people bustling around. Of course Dad being Dad thought that he had more of a right to see these paintings then all of the other "losers" there, so he didn't waste any time getting in front of everyone to get closer looks at the brushstrokes and nuances of each painting. Being just like him, where I generally don't think that rules apply to me because I am smarter than most rules, I wasn't surprised by his actions. He was pretty excited to be there too and it didn't take long for him to get in a fight with an old guy for blocking everyone's view. It was pretty classic Dad, and after that he took a minute to calm down. The rest of our research went without too many issues with any of the other patrons.

We then took a lunch break outside. They had some sculptures and such so I took a few pictures. We then went back into the museum and looked at some of the other art. Upstairs it was typical museum hush.

I was looking at this lovely tall painting. And dang, I can't remember who painted it now...might be Sargent...anyway...I wanted to take a picture of it so I kept backing up and suddenly my dad yells: "Michelle! Stop!" and I do stop, but not before still bumping into this bronze statue in the middle of the room. The pedestal it was on was NOT bolted down and the pedestal bounced back and forth and so did the bronze. My stomach dropped and it freaked me out! Thankfully this was NOT the day that I caused a Clark Griswold-scale disaster at the museum!

After we had a Turner break with the other paintings it was time for us to return to the exhibit. I took tons of pictures of whatever Dad wanted. I have never spent that much time looking so closely at a group of paintings before and it was pretty exhausting.

We then drove around a bit. I wanted to check out some tile stairs that I had seen pictures of. They were okay, but I mostly loved being in the neighborhoods. There just isn't another city like San Francisco. Just one look at those houses and you know exactly where you are, and I love it.

We then went to the Legion of Honor museum with our little bit of extra time because our tickets for the museum in the morning got us into that one as well. And we got to drive around and get a view of the Golden Gate and of course see more art. Overall, we had a good long day. We only saw a very small portion of of the city of course, but I still couldn't believe it had been almost ten years since I had been there. I used to go all the time and ten years had just gone by in a flash. By the time we got back I was totally exhausted, but it was a pretty memorable daddy/daughter date so it was worth it. *Trip was September 16

My dad snapped a few good shots of me keeping it real on the trip too:

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