Tuesday, December 8, 2015


So we grew these butterflies. It was one of Stella's birthday gifts. You get this butterfly cage and then they send you caterpillars and then they move around and are gross and then they turn into chrysalises and it is kind of gross again and then suddenly they are butterflies and they are pretty. But still, kind of gross. Overall, it was really amazing though. Stella loved to look at them flying around in the cage and eating the sugar water that we made for them.

After a certain amount of days you are supposed to let them go. (We let them go on September 17.) What I didn't realize was that Stella was seriously freaked out by the butterflies on the loose. She wanted nothing to do with them crawling on her at all. The butterflies wouldn't leave the cage without a little help and then BAM, they would be off and flying away. I wish now that I had taken more pictures of how freaked out Stella was. I was just so set on having this beautiful butterfly send-off that I didn't embrace how funny she was being. Finally I came up with the idea to have them crawl on a flower and then Stella could hold the flower. It still freaked her out, but she pressed on with a smiling face to make me happy. The last one did actually crawl on her hand without her freaking out...finally. However, he was the last so Stella just had to to chase him as he flew away into the world.

I only hope that we were able to teach them enough about being butterflies for them to survive in the real world. It is always sad to have your little ones that you knew since they were gross caterpillars fly off and find themselves as adults. I hope they had at least a few fun days out there...

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