Thursday, December 10, 2015


I really loved our last family pictures, but this year it was finally time to admit that we don't look like we did three years ago. So this year we got it together and had Crystal take our pictures. She did a great job and there are WAY too many. But oh well, here are my favorites. Unfortunately we were getting attacked (and I mean ATTACKED) by mosquitoes! Brent got it the worst as his bites turned into giant golf-ball-sized welts. One of my favorite pictures is of me sassing at Brent to smile and get it together while Stella stands by feeling awkward. I also love the picture of us hiking up the mountain and you can see Brent all huddled in his shirt like he was most of the time so that he wouldn't get any more bites. Overall though, I think this photo shoot presents us as the happy family that we try to be most of the time. Enjoy.