Tuesday, January 5, 2016


Stella has never really loved carving pumpkins. She thinks it is gross and also gets sad that I don't trust her to do all the work with a knife. I don't know, sharp killing objects and Stella....yeah, I don't like to mix those things too often. So this year we picked out the silliest pumpkin shapes we could find and I decided to just let her paint them instead of carving them. She got 100% creative control and I didn't have to worry about any fingers getting chopped off, so all in all it was a win-win! Stella painted the pumpkins on Friday the 30th. She didn't have school that day, which was awesome.

During the summer on a trip to TJ Maxx with the Gummows we found a costume that was a box of donuts. I thought it was hilarious and I really wanted Stella to be that this year. So I bought the costume even though I could tell she wasn't into it. As the holiday got closer I realized I was kind of being a jerk and I should let her chose her own costume. I had years of dressing her when she was little and now she was old enough to really choose for herself, even if we didn't agree as we had in years past. She really wanted to be something scary, more specifically, a witch. I thought it was boring, but I let her try on some costumes at TJ Maxx yet again. We found the most adorable purple and black witch costume and she looked amazing in it! I changed my mind about witches being boring pretty darn quickly.

On the morning of Halloween we went to a Gummow cousin baptism. It was really fun for us. We ended up hanging out there most of the day but got home just in time to get ready for trick or treating. Stella looked so beautiful in her costume that I went a little crazy on the pictures this year. I mean...nuts, really. I took a lot. And I'm glad we didn't do the donuts. She looked stunning as a little mean and scary witch. We also got a few pics with her neighborhood friends as well.

Halloween night was a bit tricky. We headed over to Ashley's house where Ava and Finn were already out with their dad, and had just left. We had to wait a while to trick-or-treat and Stella was not cool with that at all. I finally decided we would go without them but just as we were leaving they showed up. By then little Finn was over trick-or-treating so we were all a bit bummed. Ava was also worn out. In fact, at one point she had to rest on the grass because she just could not go on! Ava and Finn were Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf. Finn had this huge wolf head. Watching him try to keep it out of his face was kind of hilarious. Porter also had a nice-sized duck bill to deal with...so cute. I love baby costumes.

Surprise, surprise...Porter wanted to walk all on his own. It made me laugh because sometimes he would get to a house and his face would be like: "Are you guys nuts? Can't you see how scary this house is?" 

We missed my mom who was in Idaho helping her dad recover from surgery. Still, the whole night was full of fun memories and even though I seriously do not like Halloween I can't help but admit that these kiddos make it so much more fun. For example, when Porter finally figured out that he was supposed to put the candy in his pumpkin...that was just adorable. Then by the time we got home he finally figured out that he could carry his pumpkin too. Too bad he will probably have to re-learn these essential skills next year due to the fact that he is a baby and won't remember.

Before we knew it, another fun Halloween night was finished. And Stella even had a few full-sized candy bars to prove it.

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