Friday, January 22, 2016


This year on Thanksgiving it was determined that since being at my parent's house with my grandma's cat makes me sneeze like crazy, we might as well have dinner at my cat-free house. Stella was a great helper and she took special care to make sure our dinner table looked lovely. Dinner was delicious as always. This year I brought in a touch of my Grandma Evans with her old jello bowl and old gravy dish.

 Ashley also made a turkey. It was her first turkey and it looked amazing. Unfortunately it had a few extra items inside that you are supposed to take out. She thought she had gotten them all, but...well we found some more. It was pretty hilarious.

 For my birthday the week before, Ava had written me a play. We were able to perform it that night. It was about everyone surprising me on my birthday. It was very impressive and fun. I love having family visit our house.

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