Wednesday, January 27, 2016


This year has been hard for our little family. Brent has been going through some issues, which in turn become my issues, which then become Stella's issues. She is a very sensitive child. She notices every little nuance in the moods of her parents. Overall though, this year has been a real blessing. As sad and hard as it has been I look back with thankfulness for the things Brent and I have worked through both alone and together. However, our night to go and see the Temple Square lights as a family was not one of the happy highlights of our year. We had been having such warm weather and I wanted to go downtown on one of those nicer nights. Unfortunately we left our house dressed for the 40 degree windy weather and as we got closer to downtown the rain started coming down and it got really cold. Not cold enough to snow, but the wind was so wild and the rain so heavy that we were pretty much soaked after being out of the car for five minutes and we weren't dressed for it at all. It was disappointing for us all, but I kept trying to give pep talks and remind my crew that we wouldn't be wet and cold forever and that this could be an adventure. But after being so wet and dripping, not being able to see through soaked glasses, and hearing one more complaint, I kind of lost it on these two. It wasn't the best night to be sure; however, it was this night that was a turning point for me personally. I needed to get rid of some anger and sadness and I was able to work through it with the help of our darling friend Shari. So I look back on this night and these pictures with such different feelings than the ones I actually felt that night. And one more thing--I am glad I didn't ruin my camera. I had no business getting it out as much as I did in that wild rain, and thankfully it was not damaged.

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