Wednesday, January 27, 2016


This year Stella's singing group sang songs that honored Santa. I loved Stella's song. I thought it was so cute. And we all agreed her costume was the best yet, even though it left glitter freaking everywhere! One downside of her being in the oldest group of the little kids is that she gets put all the way in the back now, and since she is a bit vertically challenged she is hard to spot. But she still smiles and gives 100% each performance. This was her first show of the year at Trolley Square, and she got very nervous before going on stage. I thought it might be because it was the first time she was doing this show, but she claimed it was because Porter was there and she didn't want to mess up in front of him. Because hey, we all know what a judgmental one-year old that kid is when it comes to Christmas-themed children singing performances.

Of course I made everyone pose for some post-performance shots. And also made my daughter pose with me in the Trolley Square Christmas-themed decor. Not that it takes too much convincing to get Stella to pose with me--she is a natural silly pose master.

 We were pretty surprised to be eating our spaghetti right next to Santa--he was just hanging out with regular folks eating his dinner, it was crazy!

Before one of her earliest performances we took our traditional pics in front of the house. She was so animated and adorable as usual. I love her and I love watching her on stage.

At the Valley Fair Mall she saw Santa with her bestie Averi. Her mom was nice enough to get me a copy of the picture of the two of them since I was too cheap to pay for them...I am sorry, but they are really expensive!

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