Wednesday, February 1, 2017


This year Christmas Eve was at Ashley's house. Finn and Ava had gotten sick that week and our earlier cookie decorating party had been canceled, so the first part of our night was spent cookie decorating. Finn was absolutely adorable about decorating his cookies. He took it so seriously and he was so proud of each finished cookie. Once Porter got there, Finn tried to get him into it, but Porter was really only interested in the eating part of the process. Overall, I wish we could have done the party as originally planned, but it was still fun. Also I think Stella loved having a newly decorated cookie to leave out for Santa.

We opened some gifts and hung out around the tree. Highlights were Lottie's adorableness, Papa's remote control Bentley that Finn had bought him, and hands down the main event was when the boys had matching pajamas. It was unplanned and they were so stinking proud as they walked in the room enjoying all the attention that matching jammies can give to a fella.

That night my sweet little baby got out her favorite cookies and some carrots for the reindeer. She was so excited that it was Christmas Eve. Her note to Santa was adorable. "Dear Santa! What I want for Christmas is a Lego Hotel. I got you some cookies and I made my own & I got some carrets for the rainder and rowdoph. hope you have a safe trip to the rest of the world. Love, Stella Sallay."

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valerie sallay said...

So fun!! (wish I had emojies.....) #heart