Thursday, February 9, 2017


I think New Year's Eve and Day are the silliest of holidays, but that doesn't stop me from lighting some fireworks and making Stella and Brent take pictures with me. However, I do like to think of each year as a chapter in my life book and I do find myself reflecting on the year as it comes to a close.

This year was a pretty good one at the Sallay house. We worked through some serious issues together and enjoyed many fun things together as a family. Our adoption paperwork was finished in April and we were expecting to have brought home our daughter by the end of the year, but as that didn't happen we learned patience. And I had to learn once AGAIN to trust in the Lord's timing.

As for the next chapter of 2017, it's going to be a crazy year. Such a big life change is about to happen. I can't even imagine it at all....

Stella is a little scared of sparklers and Brent is utterly terrified of them, so I was happy both of them humored me and took some sparkler pictures to ring in the New Year. When the clock hit midnight I think I was watching TV, or maybe I was reading a book in bed....I don't remember because it doesn't matter, because New Year's Eve is a pretty lame holiday.

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MathMan said...

way to take one for the team Brent.. Cute pictures!!