Friday, February 24, 2017


On January 8th, we all arrived at Tyler and Courtney's ward feeling a bit on the edge of our seats. I've never been to a baby blessing where I wasn't sure what the name was going to be. We had been calling the sweet girl Charlotte, but her mom and dad were talking about changing it to Lottie. I think Charlotte was just too popular of a name for Courtney. Dad was NOT happy about it, but what can you do? So Tyler gets up there and starts the blessing and her name was soon after officially Lottie Luetta. 

It was so cute because Porter was very excited to have all of his people at church. He couldn't believe his luck and he welcomed us all with big smiles and hugs. Soon after the blessing and the sacrament the boys (Finn and Porter) were climbing all over the place and going under all the pews. I took it upon myself to go and fetch Porter from several rows up. It was pretty embarrassing, but I don't really care since it isn't my ward anyway. :) After that I was out in the hall the rest of the time watching my nephews run around all over the place. 

After church we went over to Courtney's parent's house for a little snack and gathering. I took lots of pictures. I was really surprised when Lottie started giving me tons of smiles while I was taking her picture. She is usually pretty fussy and I hadn't seen her smile like that before. She must have known it was her special day and time to shine in front of the camera. 

Stella also had just started working on some magic card tricks so she was doing them at the luncheon. Porter was even one of her assistants. Anyway, I love this little family so much and it was a great way to spend an icy Sunday.

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