Sunday, February 5, 2017


Christmas morning at our house was really lovely and low key this year. I was worried that it might feel a bit lonely, but it didn't. Stella was delighted by her gifts. If you asked her, she would tell you her favorite present was the LEGO hotel, but I think her real favorite gift was socks. Brent also got socks. Socks make Christmas amazing don't you think?

Stella also got a karaoke machine, that has brought us hours of delightful enjoyment. She got the dress up clothes that she wanted so badly from The Descendants. And her excited face in these pictures is when she opened her Disney Tsum Tsum's from Santa that her mom told her she would never buy for her ever.

After we were done opening gifts it was time for our official throwing of the used wrapping paper tradition. I love it. It is always my personal favorite time of the morning. Plus, I love getting one more use out of all that paper.

So we woke up to a very white Christmas. We didn't have any snow when we went to bed and when we woke up it was a lot of snow. The Christmas lights outside looked adorable so I snapped a few pictures. I could live without snow on Christmas Day, but it was pretty I guess.

We didn't waste any time breaking out the new karaoke machine. It was a hit from the first song. Stella keeps saying that I bought the machine for me, and I still haven't officially corrected her...

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