Monday, April 20, 2009


Today is my little baby's 10 month birthday (sigh). Stella is really fun right now as she seems to be learning something new everyday. Last night I went out with my parents to take her pictures, and she started to scream. We tried again today, and she started fussing again, but I had a secret weapon: a tulip. It seemed to fascinate her, and she became her photogenic self again.

Last night:
Anyway Stella does lots of new things. Here is a sampling:
  • She is exploring the world of new foods, and seems to recognize her favorites when they are presented to her. What are they? Gerber puffs and yogurt melts, string cheese, yogurt, and pears.
  • She is still dancing, but suddenly has gained a great appreciation for her mother's dancing as well. I turn on the hits, dance, and perform for her while she rocks, claps, and laughs at her silly mom.
  • She lived through her first medical procedure, getting her blocked tear duct un-blocked. It worked out great, and people don't always ask me if she has a cold anymore.
  • She has not only improved her communication skills by saying "da," but now also clicks her tongue all the time like a Kalahari Bushman. She also makes this mysterious sound like she has pop rocks in her mouth. We CANNOT figure out how she does it.
  • She has two top teeth.
  • She has perfected several waves. Her bye-bye wave, her hello wave, her good morning wave in the crib, her queen waving to subjects wave (Brent holds her up high as she goes to bed, and she waves down at her followers), and the rare double arm wave...which looks more like flying, but is still waving.
It is fun now that it is spring and we can enjoy more walks and other outings. Spring with Stella is going to be awesome!


Christy said...

absolutely adorable!!

angelicindy said...

You know, that tulip would be a great addition to your children toy line. You know the one with the crinkly potato chip bags and the water bottles with a penny in them. :)

About Us said...

Seriously, how much posing can one little gal do in the first few months of life! She is entitled to scream. Scream away, Stella! :-) Love ya, Michelle!