Sunday, April 26, 2009


Last night was the much anticipated Mrs. Utah pageant. I am super proud of my dear friend Heather for picking something totally crazy and "out of the box" for her and going through with it 100%! I was really impressed with the really beautiful married women of Utah. Unfortunately, the judges did not pick Heather as the winner, but I am sure that in about 6 months Heather is going to be on to another ten projects and will be quoted as saying: "I am so glad I didn't win that pageant. My life is just too busy for that nonsense."

Heather had me as her official photographer. Unfortunately, I do not have the best lens for this type of thing, but the pictures still make memories to last a lifetime.

Contestant #18, Heather Barber!
Pageant wave:
Our entertainment was Courtney and Kev from So You Think You Can Dance. I wish that they had done more dances, because they were totally fun.
You will always be our Queen Heather! You put the "Mrs." in Mrs. Pageant!


Marli said...

I love Courtney and Kev, what a fun night for everyone. She looked beautiful in all the pictures. :)

angelicindy said...

what a brave thing to try out! Makes me think that I should start dreaming bigger.

Hey, I know Courtney and Kev from So You Think You Can Dance from last summer! They're seriously petite and so fun to watch :)

Jenny said...

That looks like it was a lot of fun. It is great to see you still making time to hang with the girls.

mistieleigh said...

arent pageants fun? i can't imagine being in one though. i would trip or studder or something worse. what a great support you are, michelle!

About Us said...

Looks like fun! I know the woman standing next to Heather in the waving picture. Too funny!